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Now operating in Somerset, Interim Spaces is focused on finding solutions for our struggling high streets. Our pilot project at our first owned and operated property launched in April 2024.

The rapid growth of online shopping, rising business rates and rents, soaring energy costs for homes and businesses, the effects of Brexit, and the increase in the use of out-of-town shopping centres are all contributing to the decline of British high streets and town centres and the rise of retail and office vacancies. Compounding this issue are landlords indifferent to their tenants' needs, lacking vision for their investments, or a sense of responsibility towards their properties or the community.

We believe rejuvenating the high street requires social commercial landlords to take ownership of failing buildings, to renovate them and find contemporary uses that align with community needs, allowing free or low-cost use of space for local businesses, creatives and artists to trial ideas, innovate and grow. We believe that doing so can restore high streets and town centres as social and economic hubs, improve visitor levels, social activity and connectedness, the public realm, employment, and community morale.

Our work in Somerset is focused on:

  • Developing high-quality, sustainable creative hubs such as coworking spaces and artist studios that are truly affordable. We offer a sponsorship programme for those in particular need.​​

  • Delivering flexible retail incubator spaces that provide local businesses up to nine months free of rent and bills to trial their high street idea. This includes a £1,500 capital grant and mentorship, transitioning into a commercial lease.

  • Providing affordable and regular programmes of classes and workshops in music, the arts, and wellbeing, taught by high-quality local tutors.

Landlords, funders and local authorities interested in revitalising Somerset's town centres, please contact us at

Before: A vacant, neglected, hard-let town centre building.
After: The historic building transformed using funding, renovated to a high standard, activated with a rolling programme of wellbeing and education in music and the arts in the top floor studio, staff offices on the first floor, and a retail incubator on the ground floor, offering up to nine months rent and bills free to local businesses to trial out their ideas, supported by a £1,500 capital grant and mentorship into a commercial lease.
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